3 signs you are ready for a Wealthy Womb Awakening!

Your dream is to work less and play more. Sounds easy enough, right?


But here’s what usually happens:


You get up at dawn as the alarm pings in your ear, check your emails, take care of everyone else, run to work, put in a solid eight hours while quickly grabbing a bite to eat here and there, just to fly home to get a few more things done… Oh, and did you remember to pee? As you fall into bed at the end of a long day, you’ve probably still got that pile of laundry in the corner, and you haven’t had a moment to yourself, let alone some time to play. A good day is when you make it to your yoga class...

Let’s be honest: how will you ever create the life you desire if you don’t take the time to look after yourself first?


All you do is run around in circles.


Every-freakin' day!


It’s time for a drastic shift, divine woman! 


If we want to heal the wounds of the feminine, we need to start changing the way we treat ourselves.


I invite you to make a life-changing decision to claim back your divine power and own your voice today. The time to rise into your womb power is now.

Below are the 3 signs you’re ready for your very own wealthy womb wellness awakening.

Sign #1 - You are seeing SIGNS everywhere

11.11, 12.34, 12.12, or whatever combination you see, the signs are everywhere! You’re starting to become fully aligned with yourself and the energy around you. 

Seeing these numbers are a true blessing, and when I see a certain sequence I always have to stop and smile. There’s no better feeling in the freaking world than the deep knowing that something is out there watching over us, taking care of us, and guiding us to the next level.

You may also see other signs. When I’m outside walking with my little girl, enjoying the day, being present in the moment, we always find multiple pennies. 

Recently, my sense of smell has become more powerful, and I’ve become more attuned to it. It may be my super-post-pregnancy-sniffing power, but it’s fascinating! Maybe you have a certain smell that reminds you of your grandmother. When she wants you to sense she is with you in spirit, the scent comes in, instantly taking you back through space and time to see her old home and feel her embrace. You instinctively just know you’re loved. 

You may feel as though all the signs are lining up to tell you that you’re ready for the next step now, divine woman. 


  • Start paying attention to the signs you’re seeing. These can be numbers or perhaps you’re seeing butterflies everywhere you go. Write down what you notice over the next few days, and then go back and read over them. Feel into their message.
  • Check out the meaning of numbers here to align yourself even further. 
  • If you don’t see any obvious signs, ask for them. Take a moment to sit down, tune in, ask for a sign relevant to a particular area of your life, and then release the request to the universe. Let me know below when you’ve received your sign!

It is time to stop and smell the roses. Appreciation leads to positive creation! The more you appreciate the moment you are in, the more positivity will be brought to you.

Sign #2 - Your intuition is on FIYAHHH!

Have you ever experienced one of the following?


  • Just before someone messages you, you start thinking about them. And then your phone pings. 
  • Sometimes you JUST KNOW that something is going to happen (from a deep and calm place).
  • You’re starting to notice the new and full moons more and more. Maybe your flow is even aligned with the flowing of the moon.

If you want to start enjoying your life, you need to start listening to your INTUITION. Like NOW!

Claiming your womb wellness is about truly and deeply honouring yourself all the time. Without question.

Sounds selfish? Well, that’s what we’re conditioned to believe. 

Yes, we’re conditioned to serve others before ourselves even it means draining ourselves to the point of overwhelm and exhaustion. Because god forbid, we should look after ourselves first. 

But the truth is that we’re born to be the sacred guardians of life, to protect the deep, divine power and feminine wisdom that have been around since the beginning of time.


Yet, we’ve travelled far from this truth. 

The centuries have taught us that our wisdom was to be feared and our power was to be ignored for they burned our mothers and sisters at the stake. They persecuted, tortured and even murdered our ancestors for speaking up or for simply knowing how to use herbs outside the kitchen. 

We are the daughters and the sisters who survived by keeping quiet. Some of us are still creating in secrecy even now because < hush, hush > what will they do to us if they find out?


Our fear is imprinted in our cellular memories and will continue to be passed onto the next generations if we don’t stand up and say, “It stops with me.”

But to be honest, I’m over being a secret member of the secret woo-woo club, who meet in secret places and talk about things in quiet voices.


Can I get an amen?

My womb is on fire, life itself is being expressed through my divine presence and my desires are coming into being one by one. I am a space holder of well-being, and my tribe knows it! 

We support each other as a global sisterhood, and we celebrate together when things are going well for one of our sisters. Because we know the truth. There is enough abundance and wealth for everyone, and we are now claiming what is rightfully ours.

Get ready to be part of this epic revolution. 


  • With a pen and paper (or your phone) start keeping track of positive thoughts and desires coming through. For example, you might note that you’re in the mood for chocolate and then your best friend visits … with CHOCOLATE! 
  • Start having positive thoughts ON PURPOSE. For example, say to yourself: ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if… > FILL IN <’ and wait for the universe to deliver.
  • Play, play, play. Make it fun. Dance, sing and create. Raise your vibration, and see the world around you change!

Sign #3 - You have a desire to do it DIFFERENTLY

Tired of being judged for choosing to have children, or not have children, to have children and go back to work, to have children and not go back to work, for being too thin, too fat, too pushy, too ambitious, too hot, not hot enough or even for just daring to be alive, women have stressed that everyone can just go f#ck themselves.” [1


I have always been classed as a ‘rebel’. The one who just didn’t fit in.


And I get the feeling, you didn't fit in either. Am I right? Yes?

I wouldn’t do what others claimed was right for me. I would frustrate the f#ck out of grown-ups or doctors telling me what I should do and by going against their advice based on what my inner voice was telling me. And even though it was challenging growing up and honouring my intuition all the time, I realise it was such fertile ground for me and sowed the seeds of the resilience and wisdom I now embody. I now fully understand that being a rebel in this way is absolute f#cking gold! 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I most passionate about right now?
  • What shift do I really want to see happen?
  • What will it cost me if I don’t create this in my life?

Personally, I will not sit here and watch women around me continue to suffer in silence, crippled by the weight on their shoulders. 

I simply CANNOT do it any longer.

The time to rise is now!

The collective suffering has to end: for us and the generations to follow. For our children, our cousins, our friends. And this can only happen if we start shifting the vibrations and energies within ourselves to create a shift in the outside world. This is the  Law of Attraction 1.0.

If you want to change the world, it starts with you!

It’s time to be the creator of your own life experience.


You need to start listening to your intuition, connect with your womb and bring back the fire in your belly! You need to start taking steps forward, instead of spinning around in circles.


It’s time to take back your sacred womb space so that twelve months from now you’re not looking at your life thinking, ‘What happened? I’m still in the same f’ing place!’


Imagine saying instead, ‘What happened? I am in total AWE of what I’ve created.’


It’s not hard to change your life; you just need to be willing to make a change. Remember the teacher shows up when the student is ready...


The Wealthy Womb

The program for the healers, lightworkers and changemakers of this world.


Create a life filled with joy, abundance, health and wealth by clearing the past, rewiring the present and transforming the future by igniting your {womb} power!


This is your sacred invitation to join this life-changing, transformational and healing vortex, which will show you how to create your dreams into existence by activating your womb power, the cauldron of life!


MEET Susanne Grant

Susanne Grant

Master Healer, Reframe Queen and Co-creatrix 

Susanne is a loving, powerful, grounded and divine Dutchie living in Scotland. Her way of guiding and coaching her clients is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. She helps people to get rid of the junk in their trunk, so they can return to the truth of who they really are before the world got its grip on them to manifest anything they desire. 

Her work has been featured in Spotlight Magazine, Fear Free Childbirth Podcast, Rockstar Birth Magazine, Juno Magazine, The Inspire-view Series™, Informed Pregnancy by Dr Berlin, League of Luminary Ladies (Podcast), Mums The Word (Podcast), Pure Natural Pregnancy (Podcast) and the Talented Ladies Club (and many more). She is also a CEO Diva advisor for her epic soul sister and business strategist Ingrid Arna.

Throughout her two-decades-long journey, having lived with PTSD herself, she knows firsthand how challenging the ‘junk in your trunk’ can be. She is now sharing her secrets with others to help them build the life they desire by honouring their voice, intuition and soul truth.

Susanne works intuitively with divine guidance using different transformational healing modalities. Her private and group coaching involves a complete rewiring of any outdated belief systems on all four levels of human existence — core, genetic, history and soul. Susanne uses a gentle, profound and deeply powerful process that will change your life forever.

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